Like you, our business has been affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic.  But the good news is that homes and businesses are still selling!  If you need an inspection, we would like to share with you our procedures implemented to keep all of us safe while still taking care of business in these trying times.

·        If the home is occupied, we request that the owner not be present during the inspection. If they choose to be there, we will maintain proper distance, and wear appropriate protective gear (masks, gloves). 

·        If the home is un-occupied, we ask that neither the realtor nor the buyer attend the inspection.  We will wear fresh gloves during the inspection so that no outside contaminants are transferred.

·        We will perform the follow up to the inspection via facetime if you and your client have capable technology.  In the absence of that, a phone consultation will be conducted once you receive the written report.

·        After the inspection, should repairs be necessary, our inspector will create a video, and/or take specific pictures showing you exactly what repairs have been made.  We will implement the same safety precautions during that visit that we use on the initial inspection. 

We are already one of, if not the lowest cost inspection companies in the valley and we are offering an additional $25.00 discount for the next 90 days to all clients. Give us a call today to schedule your inspection.  As always, we are here to answer any questions you might have. 602-861-0603.

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Services Offered

New Homes –  

      Pre-drywall inspections

      Final walk-through inspections

      1 year builder warranty inspections


Pre-owned Homes –

      Buyer inspections

      Seller pre-listing inspections


Commercial Properties -

      HOA Resident Compliance 

      HOA Annual Inspections

      Industrial buildings

      Retail buildings

      Office buildings


      Apartment buildings

      Reserve study recommendations

Termite Inspections


Bank Inspections –

      Draw inspections

         General condition inspections

      Site photos


Insurance Company Inspections –

      Roof-only inspections

      General condition inspections

      Site photos


Insurance Claims Appraisal Services


Expert Witness Services